Pokrov Farm is a modern breeding stock-rearing farm specializing on Romanov sheep bloodstock.

We supply market with tribal producers and high quality tasty mutton and sheep cheese.

In addition, we are engaged in harvesting high quality hay to feed our own Romanov sheep livestock, as well as for sale.

Our specialization is breeding sheep and rams of Romanov breed.

They are widely known for their high quality wool and special gastronomic value of tasty tender diet mutton.

The first Russian standard of this breed has been known since 1908. It is currently included in the State Register of breeding achievements approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

At the moment our ewes livestock is 850 and it is constantly increasing.

Our farm is supervised by biggest Agriculture Universities and best professors in Russia. The main focus of his research is increasing productivity and improving quality of sheep farming.

We also cooperate with leading farming experts and research institutions, modern farms, and large retail chains.

Our farm is a one of the leading bloodstock farm of Romanov sheep in the region. And in the future we plan to become the best supplier of high quality delicious diet mutton in the country.

We want to make it available for all who value mutton in Russia and abroad!


Breeding stock

Young breeders, lambs and young ewes as well as wethers and sheep are the pride of our farm! For breeding we buy only healthy individuals in households who have the appropriate certificates. Our own standard includes specific requirements for exterior and availability of all required breeding and veterinary paperwork. 

Export price per one animal is 500$ including veterinary tests and custom charge.



Breeding stock for Import 

We are ready to supply our animals to other countries. Pokrov Farm  has experience in sending young breeders abroad via air complying with all required procedures, documentation and tests.

Погрузка овец в специальных боксахПодготовка к погрузке в самолет


Cooperation and partnership

Pokrov Farm is established by young and active team. Friendly staff and professional management are our advantages, ensuring rapid business development, fast execution of any tasks and confidence in the future.

We invite to cooperation producers of breeding stock, feed-stuff and other agricultural products, farmers, investors,  trading firms and organizations.

Contact us at any convenient time:
+7 (926) 399-16-30 or email (ahodov@pokrov-farm.ru).
We will gladly answer your questions and discuss proposals.
And, of course, we hope for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!